President Donald Trump shared two words that set people on on Friday night, ahead of his rally in Tulsa. Trump posted a photo of Joe Biden at an event that looks like it's in a basketball gymnasium and the caption: "Joe Biden’s rally. ZERO enthusiasm!"

Trump emphasized the ZERO part, and from the picture, we can tell it appears to be a very low energy, low admission event. People are spaced out sitting in circles, despite the country starting to open things up again.

Joe Biden's event was on Wednesday in Darby, PA - a suburb of Philadelphia. NBC News reports that he spoke mostly about Trump's handling of the outbreak.

Trump referred to Biden's event as a rally, but it wasn't actually a rally. It was just a small speaking event. It's unclear if Biden could ever get an audience quite like Trump, but at this point it seems highly unlikely.

Biden's audience was mostly just reporters and local lawmakers. The speech was supposed to be about how to reopen the economy in a safe manner, but much of his speech was slamming President Trump.

Either way, Trump slammed Biden on the eve of his own event, a massive rally in Tulsa, set for June 20, 2020.

Here's a screenshot of Trump's comment about Biden's event.