You probably didn't expect to see this. Or, maybe you did expect to see a Democratic state representative arrested and dragged out of a capitol building by state police.

It was Georgia's Park Cannon who was arrested right as Gov. Brian Kemp was signing a bill that "adds a host of restrictions, like requiring identification for mail voting and making it illegal to take food or water to voters in line."

I guess Rep. Cannon didn't like it.

WATCH the Democrat state rep. get arrested and taken out of the building:

NBC News reported:

Georgia state troopers arrested Democratic state Rep. Park Cannon on Thursday after she knocked on Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s statehouse office door as he signed a controversial elections bill into law in a closed-door ceremony.

Video of the incident shows Cannon, who as a lawmaker also works at the statehouse, being handcuffed after she knocked on Kemp’s door, arguing for transparency of the bill signing. She was then forcibly removed from the state Capitol by two officers and surrounded by more while repeatedly identifying herself as a legislator, and was placed into a police car.

A flurry of bills have been introduced and passed by Republican-controlled state legislatures to tighten voting laws after former President Donald Trump lost the election and baselessly challenged the outcome.

And that's a wrap.