PHILADELHIA -- Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney wanted to increase the budget for Philly cops, but now he's taking it back after nearly two weeks of protests related to the George Floyd incident. Kenney wanted to give the Phildelphia police an extra $14 million to be used for body camera and further training, but now that's about to be wiped out.

A move that makes literally no sense in a city where many people want more police to have cameras.

“Part of that additional money was for expansion for body cameras and other training that we wanted to do on bias and anti-racist training so we’ll try to figure out a way to get that done another way. But it was clear we weren’t going to have votes for the increase and we’ll readjust,” Kenney said." (CBS Local)

But wait, there's more. While the city of brotherly love faces a second week of protests over the George Floyd incident, the Democrat mayor, who has no true experience in fighting law, is announcing 13 police reforms he wants in place.

This is the same mayor who taxes soda and sugary drinks and now he and his administration wants to reform police.

This same mayor is loathed by Republicans in the city and Democrats are starting to come around to it now. With all these years of Philadelphia being in Democrat leadership and still in poverty, people want answers.

But of course, the protests and call for police reform are now the top talk at the round table.

Kenney has 13 police reforms and there's also said to be changes within the police union, but we don't actually know what the reforms are since the source did not list them.

CBS Local stated the reforms "include updates to use of force policies, creating a civilian oversight commission and new staff will be hired to focus on misconduct and brutality" - but the article didn't give any details on what those specific reforms are.

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