Singer Demi Lovato posted one thing on Instagram that sparked quite a bit of outrage and 250,000+ engagements.

That one post was about gender reveal parties and how they are linked to a "phobic" of some sort.

Here's what Demi Lovato posted:

Instagram user filipfilipi said "This has gone too far."

I should also report that Demi Lovato once revealed she had brain damage stemming from an overdose.

Demi Lovato’s drug overdose in 2018 resulted in the singer having three strokes and a heart attack, leaving her with physical limitations that still affect her.

Lovato reveals publicly for the first time details about the near-fatal incident in “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil,” a four-part docuseries debuting March 23 on YouTube Originals.

In the trailer, Lovato says doctors told her family she had five to 10 minutes to live.

“I was left with brain damage, and I still deal with the effects of that today,” she said in a video call on Wednesday. “I don’t drive a car because I have blind spots in my vision. For a long time, I had a really hard time reading. It was a big deal when I was able to read a book, which was like two months later, because my vision was so blurry.”

I'm one of those people who think gender reveal parties are stupid for a completely different reason, and that's because that entire party could just be an email.

It's like the pointless meeting at work where they make you sit in an office after hours just to say something they could've emailed you at lunch.

I had a gender reveal party for my kid though, as per the mom's order, and it was basically me hanging with my guy friends while being required to cook for everyone.

Then everyone else acting like they were super excited for what gender my kid was going to be. They were just happy we were having one, that should be enough to keep the entire planet happy.

Also, we're divorced now.

See what happened after we had a gender reveal party?

I'm glad my friends are mostly done having kids now, this way I don't get invited to any more BBQ's disguised as a gender reveal party.