Democratic Rep. Park Cannon clashed with police during a protest in the Georgia State Capitol over Senate Bill 67, one that was passed and requires ID when voters request absentee ballots.

The police told the Rep. and protesters they were in violation and faced arrest. One of the cops was holding Rep. Cannon by the arm as she constantly stood in front of the officer's megaphone, and he tried to move her out of the way while asking people to leave the area.

They staged a sit-in shortly after, with Rep. Park Cannon wanting an apology.

WATCH the nonsense happen:

The Georgia Senate approved the bill and now more identification is required for anyone in that state requesting an absentee ballot. It passed along party lines, per report:

The Georgia Senate approved a bill Tuesday requiring more identification for absentee voting, the first elections measure to clear either legislative chamber as lawmakers consider new voting rules after last year’s heated presidential race.

Voters would have to provide a driver’s license number, state ID number or a copy of photo ID when requesting absentee ballots, according to Senate Bill 67. Currently, absentee ballots are verified based on voters’ signatures and registration information rather than an ID.

The Senate passed the bill mostly along party lines, 35-18. It will next be considered by the state House of Representatives.

Claire Simms, multi-media journalist for Fox 5 Atlanta, covered the scene. She wrote, "NOW: A group of House Democrats has joined Rep. Cannon in a sit-in on the stairs where it happened. She maintains the officer needs to apologize publicly."


The lawmaker/protesters only lasted about two hours before going home.

Several of them are just sitting on the phone in the photo Simms shared.