Boston's Democrat mayor Marty Walsh has proposed to take some of the police overtime funds and transfer them to social services. Walsh claims that racism is a "public health crisis" and that's the basis of giving the police funds to social services instead.

Under Walsh's proposal, there would be $3 million taken immediately from the police overtime fund and sent right to Boston Public Health Commission. Walsh also wants 20 percent of their overtime budget sent to other programs. This is about $12 million, per a report on National Review.

Walsh commented during a press conference that "we’re determined to accelerate our work toward systemic change to renew our nation and our city’s promise of equal opportunity and justice for every person... We’re not going to let this moment or this movement pass us by. I pledged to make Boston a national leader in this work and we are following through on our pledge."

Meanwhile, Walsh had a few good things to say about the police as well. Particularly, complaints about use of force are down about 50 percent over the last 6-7 years. Crime has also dropped 30 percent. Arrests are down by one third.

It seems like crime is dropping in the area, so defunding police in this case doesn't actually make sense.

If the police are doing a good job, then what's the purpose of disrupting their funding? Is it to make a statement and avoid protesters gathering in Boston like they are in Seattle's CHAZ setting?

Here's Walsh's press conference.