SEATTLE -- First term Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan has stated that it's illegal and unconstitutional for President Trump to send the military into town and let them help clear out the protesters who have taken over a neighborhood.

Durkan has addressed the situation, but has not stated any idea on how the 500ish protesters would be dealt with. The protesters have taken over, or occupied, a roughly six block radius now called the CHAZ, or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Durkan stated, "it is unconstitutional and illegal to send the military into Seattle... there is no imminent threat of an invasion of Seattle." (OAN)

This same area taken over by protesters has seen at least one police precinct be abandoned. The police chief, Carmen Best, also stated that officers are struggling to respond to calls coming in for help from the police, particularly those involving violent crimes.

At one point the protesters in CHAZ have started their own farm or garden and it didn't turn out so great.