Wondering where David Hogg has been? Of course you were! He recently posted on Twitter about his “New year, new look” and that he’s “ready to push for peace and justice in 2020 with” March4OurLives. If you can recall correctly, David Hogg became a little bit famous when he turned into the teenage anti-gun voice stemming from the Parkland shooting. Despite all the criticism he’s received from Americans, and in particular – adults who know a thing or two, he’s managed to piece together a following of almost 1 million.

So here we go with another round of David Hogg setting himself up to protest, march, or do whatever it is that he thinks works (it doesn’t) and with that comes the best form of entertainment you could find: the comment section.

Hogg’s new picture got absolutely roasted. It was like he was on Reddit’s ‘roast me’ but wasn’t there to get roasted. It just happened that way, and for a good reason.

I’ll just put this here.