Janice Dean might be close to the closure she's been hoping for as New York's disgraced Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo faces probes by the FBI and United States attorney in Brooklyn over his administration's failure decisions with the nursing homes.

The Times Union reports the investigation is in the very early stages and no allegations of wrongdoings have been found, but for those who lost a loved one in a New York nursing home, this might be part of their healing process.

As of now, the FBI and U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn are investigating the actions and decisions that Gov. Cuomo and his task force made in how they handled the nursing homes and long-term care facilities over the last year.

One of Cuomo's aide's has already apologized for Cuomo's administration allegedly hiding data to avoid feds.

Cuomo was on video here saying "we should have done a better job providing information" but did not apologize for his decisions made regarding nursing homes. He apologizes for not providing the information faster, but not for the actual decisions made that allegedly caused people to pass away.

WATCH Cuomo swimming in his own BS:

Here's info about the probe Cuomo is facing, as reported by Times Union states:

The probe by the U.S. attorney's office in the Eastern District of New York is apparently in its early stages and is focusing on the work of some of the senior members of the governor's task force, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter who is not authorized to comment publicly.

Last March, as the virus began spreading in New York, Cuomo issued a news release listing the 13 initial members of his coronavirus task force, which has been headed by Linda Lacewell, an attorney and former chief of staff for Cuomo. Lacewell is the superintendent of the state Department of Financial Services. Other task force members include state health Commissioner Howard Zucker, Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa and Beth Garvey, counsel to the governor.

"As we publicly said, DOJ (Department of Justice) has been looking into this for months," said Richard Azzopardi, a spokesman for the governor. "We have been cooperating with them and we will continue to."

Azzopardi did not disclose whether any members of the administration have been interviewed or if they have been served with any subpoenas.

John Marzulli, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn, on Wednesday afternoon said he could not "confirm or deny" whether the office has initiated an investigation.

Janice Dean has been especially vocal calling for Cuomo to face consequences. She lost two in-laws in nursing homes and has been calling out Cuomo for quite a while.

If there's one thing that's a shame, it's this - the probe Cuomo is facing would be better if it came from aliens, and you know exactly where they put those probes.