Gov. Andrew Cuomo's accuser goes public and Norah O'Donnell asked a startling question, only to receive an even more disturbing answer.

Norah asked, "What made you think he [Governor Cuomo] was trying to sleep with you?"
Bennett, a former executive assistant for Gov. Cuomo, replied with the following: "Without explicitly saying it, he implied to me that I was old enough for him and he was lonely."

WATCH and then try not to vomit:

Apparently there are text messages to go with the situation.

RCP shared:

Bennett alleged Cuomo asked her inappropriate questions about her sex life and being a survivor of sexual assault.

"He asked if I had trouble enjoying being with someone because of my trauma," she said.

"The governor asked me if I was sensitive to intimacy," she said, adding, "He asked if it made it hard to really be with someone physically."

I am over here like this:

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