If you’re a minor league baseball player, the last thing you should be doing is filling your Chicago Cubs bag with 21 pounds of meth and attempting to dump it off for a lousy $500 – allegedly, of course.

Clearly not the best day for Jesus Camargo-Corrales, 25, a farm system player for the Chicago Cubs since 2014. He was pulled over by police for driving erratically, allegedly, and that’s when something got the cops to bring over a K9 dog who sniffed around and must’ve gotten all excited – not because there’s a Cubs prospect in the car – but something else!

It also didn’t help that two other passengers in the car gave somewhat conflicting stories to police and that probably threw them for a loop – and not an autograph.

TMZ told it like this:

A K-9 unit is said to have been brought in … and cops say it sniffed something in the trunk. Cops say they discovered a Cubs duffel bag, which they claim contained 21 pounds of methamphetamine and 1.2 pounds of oxycodone pills … plus other paraphernalia.
An arrest affidavit claims that, at first, Camargo tried playing dumb … but then later allegedly admitted he’d been contacted by someone in Sinaloa, Mexico to deliver this bag to Denver — and copped to the fact that he knew there might’ve been drugs inside, per law enforcement.
As for what his alleged payoff was going to be — according to Camargo, per police — for this run … just a measly $500!!!
He was arrested and booked on drug charges, including unlawful distribution and possession of methamphetamine and oxycodone — class 1 and class 4 felonies, respectively. Camargo is reportedly still in custody as of Saturday. Unclear if he’s been arraigned on the charges yet.

The Cubs know what happened and will investigate.

If he pitches a no-hitter, does he catch a break?

Photo: AP