Is crying Kanye West going through a mid-life crisis? First he's Trump's best buddy, next he's taking off the red hat and running for president against "Orange Man Bad" and "Joey Dementia." Then Kanye West does his first campaign event and has an epic meltdown in the middle of it, also slamming Harriet Tubman as someone who helped slave-owners, and there's just one little thing I can't help but notice... that Kanye West has an album coming out in a few days and does not really wish to be president.

Did you know Kanye West Tweeted a track list from his new album, then deleted it (according to Twitter users)? Real slick move he pulled off trying to make it like the album is some sort of secret. Or maybe he didn't want his run for president to commingle with his music release.

I think Kanye West plotted this all along because he wants album sales and running for president put his name in the spotlight all the way up until this week when his album comes out.

This is a page out of Trump's trickery - to get free press non-stop and make people constantly talk about you.

Just think, when people see West in the news and they were, or are, a fan of his, they might look to see what he's doing nowadays with his music career. Oh, would you look at that! A new album titled "Donda" drops on July 24 - just after the same week Kanye West was crying on TV while he FAILED to get himself listed on South Carolina's official presidential ballot.

Apparently he only needed 10,000 signatures to get on South Carolina's 2020 ballot in the election, but he DID NOT SUBMIT ANY OF THEM.

So the guy with 30 million Twitter followers couldn't get 10,000 the signatures? Why not? He had a "rally" right before they were due. He could've gotten them if he really wanted to. Or he didn't want to get them because he is not serious about running for president? Or literally ZERO people in South Carolina want him to run for president, which seems hard to believe. There must be one Kanye West fan hiding in South Carolina somewhere.

So did Kanye West go through all of this nonsense "running for president" just to promote an album? Did he drop his red hat so he could trick his old fans into buying his new music?

I think he did. I think he tried to play everyone, but the truth is - he played himself because he looks like walking meltdown who's just getting worse.

You know what sells albums?

Good music sells albums.

Being a moron in political media cruising around in a bulletproof vest, crying in public, and slapping jokes at Harriet Tubman during a fake run for president might sell a few albums too, but it also makes people shake their heads and want Kanye West to shut up - which he should do, immediately, on Twitter, before his wife pulls a Bobbit on him.

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