CNN reporter Jim Acosta is down in Orlando for the CPAC event and he's surrounded by people trying to take selfies, ask questions, or just observe everything.

That's when one small group, who isn't clearly visible in the video, starts chanting CNN SUCKS! CNN SUCKS!

Some other guy says "Jim o-costa is fake news" and a girl laughs and snorts in the background. The guy didn't even say Jimmy's name right, but that's part of the fun I guess.

Jim Acosta's reaction? Well, that's in the video.


Jim Acosta just wades through the crowd and doesn't really seem to care. The "gun girl" is there trying to ask him a serious question and he just kinda keeps walking, totally ignoring her, and starts talking to some guy named Saul, who jokes that Jim Acosta has a big fan club there.

He seems to be a good sport, accepting his fate as the crowd mingles and there's a few hecklers.

We can probably imagine a handful of reporters who would freak out during a moment like this.