SEATTLE -- Councilmember Kshama Sawant has allegedly used a key to open the doors and allow protesters inside city hall. The news about Sawant was posted on Twitter by Jake Goldstein-Street, who posted video showing protesters inside the building chanting, holding up signs, and ignoring any aspect of social distancing you could imagine.

Sawant is a member of the socialist alternative party (whatever that is), joined the protesters as they made multiple demands, such as wanted Amazon to be taxed and Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign.

Protesters want the mayor to resign in regards to some of the tactics police used to break up protests last week. Some of the methods might have included some chemicals, like tear gas, or other substances, and some peaceful protesters were likely affected by it - although accidentally, but still there and possibly felt the impact.

"Officers have used tear gas, pepper spray and other less-lethal weapons against crowds that have demonstrated against racism and police brutality. The city attorney's office said it is reviewing the complaint.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best have apologized to peaceful protesters who were subjected to chemical weapons. They promised a ban on using one type of tear gas, but officers used it again." (Q13Fox)

In other news, I'm not sure how else Sawant was going to let them in other than a key. That's usually what people use to open doors, right?

Regardless, some who are against her beliefs feel as though she should not have allowed the protesters into city hall because there's always a possibility that the protest turns for the worse, as many times over that happened during recent weeks.

Also, some want to know if Sawant is going to Clorox wipe the entire inside of the building after she let thousands in to protest.

Is Sawant responsible for cleanup?