Imagine showing up to a protest and you're about to loot, but then the protesters and police are actually walking together peacefully. What do the looters do then? Do they go home or will they still cause destruction?

Watch this video and tell me what you think?

Now if the big mainstream media only focuses on the riots and looting, that's all we will ever know. And get this - it WILL spark more of it. It's like that stuff is contagious.

If CNN and Fox News don't show the good news, then our perception of the protesters is completely different. There ARE peaceful protests going on and most of them start when it's daytime.

It's the looters who are giving everyone such a bad reputation. They don't care about George Floyd, they just want to steal something from Foot Locker.


Even worse, some of the looters are destroying local mom and pop shops - small businesses the owners put their whole life into. What did THEY do to deserve this?

If you're going to rob a store, which you shouldn't be doing, then leave the small family businesses alone. They can't recover like a big corporation.

Robbing the NIKE outlet isn't really a big deal to NIKE, but when you burn down Mama's pizzeria that's family owned - that's it. They are probably DONE.

When you're watching the news tonight, see if they show any peaceful activity - or if the mainstream media is just focused on the chaos because it gets more clicks and views.
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