CNN's Chris Cuomo doesn't seem thrilled about Governor Abbott who just decided to remove mandates and open Texas 100% despite some warnings that it was too soon.

Cuomo Prime Time posted on Twitter that "the same governor who did not prepare the state for bad weather, is now leaving it exposed to a deadly virus," says @chriscuomo as Texas Gov. Abbott, throws caution to the wind and relaxes Covid-19 protective measures in the Lone Star State."

Cuomo suggests members of the GOP are in denial about the truth regarding the virus. Then Cuomo shifts to denial about January 6 and at some point I stopped watching because it was like a salad bar of opinions.

WATCH Cuomo target Gov. Abbott and shift over to Trumpers:

NBC News reported on the Texas situation, adding that Mississippi followed suit:

The governors of Texas and Mississippi both announced on Tuesday they would be lifting their states' mask mandates and rolling back many of their Covid-19 health mandates, just one day after the CDC warned against complacency in the face of emerging coronavirus variants.

"It is now time to open Texas 100 percent," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday afternoon at Montelongo's Mexican Restaurant in Lubbock.

"Covid has not suddenly disappeared," he said, "but state mandates are no longer needed."

Shortly after Abbott's announcement, Gov. Tate Reeves announced that he would end Mississippi's statewide mask mandate, effective Wednesday of this week.

Abbott also stressed that the decision is up to the people to be safe, which in a way, suggests that Gov. Abbott probably thinks it's not the best idea to rush this and is now placing the responsibility in the hands of the people themselves.

And let's be honest, we sure ain't a bunch of rocket scientists around here.

Heck, I just ate a store-brand Dorito off the floor and double teamed some lonely dirt-bag woman in Miami with my buddy a few years ago (before my previous marriage, and don't go telling my ex about it either).

You think I know anything about being safe?

I like to listen to science though, so if science people told me it was too soon, then I would errrrrrr on the side of caution.

Besides, how many people go in the Target bathroom, take a huge dump, and don't even wash their hands!