You can't make this stuff up.

CNN's Brian Stelter tried taking a shot at Fox News' Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld and failed so bad that even Jenna Ellis came out of nowhere to step in and crack a joke at him.

Stelter has 788k+ followers on Twitter and posted this moronic tweet at 10:15 am. It is 9:48 pm right now and he still doesn't have 150 retweets on it and he's struggling to get any traction on his comment.

You know your message is bad when you've got nearly 800,000 followers and you can't even get them to laugh at your own jokes about your own competition in the nightly TV shows.

As soon as Brian Stelter posted this, he got roasted like the potato he is.

Here's what Brian Stelter said: "Jesse Watters is a logical choice for Fox's 7pm time slot – the evening schedule is now full of flame throwers – from Watters through to Greg Gutfeld"

Flame throwers? Dude, your show is called "Reliable Sources" and you're literally not a reliable source. It's like you're tricking your very few audience members into thinking you're some sort of news guru who comes outta nowhere with breaking stories when you're just a narrative pushing potato brained buffoon spitting gibberish into the echo chambers.

At least Watters and Gutfeld can crack a joke and harass the Democrats with an ounce of common sense and humor.

But nevertheless, potatoes persist!

brian stelter sucks.jpg