CNN’s Erin Burnett is being heavily criticized after saying that Iranians who were chanting “death to America” were “friendly” people. Burnett faced backlash on social media after the following video went viral showing the short video clip from CNN.

Mary Vought wrote, “After hearing Iranians chanting “DEATH to America” @CNN‘s @ErinBurnett says they were “friendly” and didn’t mean it. WHAT?!? And some wonder why people don’t trust the media?”

Was she talking about the people in Tehran chanting that, or the people she spoke to who were not chanting that? It’s not exactly clear, but what we do know is what’s in the video below.

Please watch and decide what you think she means.

Numerous Democrats and now CNN host Erin Burnett are facing widespread scrutiny for reasons such as appearing to support terrorists over America, in a way where they are criticizing President Trump for acting without talking to Congress first.

On the contrary, there have been protests in Iran with the civilians chanting out against their leadership, suggesting that their problems are with Iranian leaders and not America.

Numerous protests broke out at several Iranian universities against Iranian leadership when the people learned that Iran accidentally shot down a Ukrainian jetliner taking out all staff and passengers on board.

Democrats across America have been divided in an online battle against each other who are debating on if Trump’s strike was the right thing to do without notifying Congress.

Some on the right say Trump’s airstrike worked because he didn’t notify Congress. Those on the left have been seen on Twitter blaming Trump for Iran taking out the passenger plane “unintentionally.”

Back when 9/11 happened, the country was very much united against terrorism.

This time – in theory – when Trump took out a terrorist, the country divided because those on the left are unhappy that Trump won and Hillary Clinton is not their president.