This might come as a surprise, but CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked a very important question to Minneapolis City Council President, Lisa Bender, when he asked about what happens if there's a shooter and no police to call. She seemed a bit stumped and even said, "we don't have all the answers."

It sounds like they don't have any answers!

Here's the video

This is a major part of the problem with the whole "defund the police" concept because in a time of great danger, the police are much needed.

There's also confusion with people who think defund means to abolish and other's who say things like "no, just fund them less" and it seems like leftists are not on the same page at all - they're just out chanting a slogan and turning it into a hashtag, but have no clue what they're even talking about.

What happens if someone robs a bank and there's no police? What happens if there's a woman being attacked in her car and no police?

There are so many situations when calling the police is the first response - but if there's no police, then who do people call when they need emergency help?

Now if there's a city with an excessive amount of police funding who needs some money directed towards social services or programs to help the community, then that makes sense. But that's just called balancing the budget and people have been doing that for years. Although, not every city is good at it - but they try.

The whole "defund the police" is just the latest liberal bandwagon to jump on.

By next week it will be something totally different.