Chuck Schumer said he appreciates being under President Joe Biden's leadership. Specifically, he said, "I was confident from the get-go. I just told that to the president, he called me. I said I knew we'd get this done, and I so appreciate being under Joe Biden's leadership."

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Chuck Schumer's statement was in response to the relief bill being pushed through, as reported:

The Senate on Saturday approved a sweeping coronavirus relief bill on a strictly party-line vote after a marathon session, giving Democrats their first legislative victory since reclaiming the majority.

Democrats cheered the 50-49 vote as it was gaveled closed. Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) missed the vote due to a family funeral.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), seen as the only potential swing vote in the end, voted against the $1.9 trillion bill.

The package provides another round of stimulus checks, aid for state and local governments, and more help for small businesses and schools. The party-line vote is a significant break from the previous five coronavirus bills, each of which passed with bipartisan support.

Not everyone is thrilled with the bill. It reduces the number of people receiving stimulus checks, does not include student loan forgiveness, does not include minimum wage increase, and it reduces the added unemployment bonus.

A number of Democrat voters have expressed their dismay with the Democratic Party for passing this, particularly Kyrsten Sinema and seven other Democrats who helped wreck the chances for a higher minimum wage.