CNN's Chris Cuomo had no problem doing a segment on Texas and Republican Governor Greg Abbott while his Democrat Governor brother, Andrew Cuomo, faces an FBI investigation for his administration's decision making with nursing homes in New York.

WATCH Cuomo go off on Abbott despite his own brother being in a scandal:

Meanwhile, even CNN is reporting that Andrew Cuomo is one of three governors who are under major fire right now for various reasons.

Here's what CNN posted about Gov. Cuomo:

Cuomo's administration in New York is under scrutiny for the handling of some of the data surrounding Covid-19 deaths in long-term care facilities in New York, weeks after state Attorney General Letitia James revealed that the New York State Department of Health undercounted those deaths by approximately 50%, essentially by leaving out deaths of residents who had been transferred to hospitals.

The US attorney's office in Brooklyn and the FBI are now looking into the handling of some of the data, as first reported by the Albany Times Union. It is unclear whether authorities are looking at Cuomo or members of his administration.

Maybe Chris Cuomo should do a segment on Andrew Cuomo.

Or perhaps that would make things awkward at Thanksgiving this year.
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