Thoughts and prayers to comedian Chelsea Handler was left with two broken toes and a torn meniscus after she skied into a tree.

It’s unclear of those two toes signed up for the skiing, but nevertheless, they’re broken up about it.

Handler documented the incident on Twitter and said it was not an accident. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose either, so we’ll just refer to it as a skiing incident.

She wrote on Twitter, “I did not have a ski accident. I’ve had many accidents over time, but I was just sharing on Instagram; not a news story. So stupid. Chelsea Handler tears meniscus, breaks two toes in ski accident” and linked to a story on PageSix that referred to it as an accident.

As stated on Page Six:

The “Evolution” comedian revealed she tore her meniscus and likely broke two toes after falling down the Canadian slopes multiple times.

“One’s definitely broken the other might just be in a bad mood,” she said on her Instagram Story of her toes, “and my arm broke a tree, but I can ski down almost anything now.”

Although Handler’s skiing skills have improved immensely this year after a private instructor “dragged my ass through some serious s–t,” she has also documented her tumbles on social media.

“I keep falling like this I mean you’re supposed to teach me,” she said in one video while laughing. “I skied into one tree today, and ski patrol was skiing with me….I mean it’s just ridiculous.

“I get no respect form the mountain,” she joked.

I don’t know about you, but skiing into a tree is usually by accident, but I’ve never actually skied before, so don’t look at me for any answers.

Anyway, thoughts and prayers to her toes and maybe even her meniscus too.

Also, if I was skiing, I might wear some more clothes than she did.

Just saying, I don’t want anything to shrink.