In today's hypocritical news casts, we have this random reporter trying to film a news report, but he gets interrupted by someone in public.

This guy and the reporter are talking and the reporter has no mask on during the conversation. Then when it's time to go back on camera, he casually puts his mask on. Meanwhile, the camera guy isn't wearing one either.

The guy who's talking to them, who we cannot see because he's filming, points it out to them and the reporter shrugs his shoulders.

When he gets busted for it, the reporter says they're following guidelines to set a good example.

So basically, this gives us the impression that whenever there's a reporter wearing a mask on TV, that they probably take it off right after the camera stops rolling.

Why wear the mask at all then?

It's not even authentic at this point, so why bother wearing it on television just for show?

Here's the video of the reporter putting his mask on only for the camera: