Where it began...

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown never asked for this, but he might be thanking all the Trump supporters out there after his recent sponsorship deal, per reports.

At first, he was going to be sponsored by the LetsGoBrandon LGBcoin in the crypto world and have a big fat juicy sticker on his car during races, but NASCAR said NO to that and banned it.

They did a little bit of thinking and it looks like the LetsGoBrandon LGBcoin still sponsored him for an '8-figure' deal, but the catch is that Brandon still can't put it on his car thanks to NASCAR giving in and banning it.

Here's the details:
The NASCAR Xfinity series driver has inked a two-year sponsorship deal worth with the cryptocurrency worth a reported "eight figures," even though he has been banned from advertising it on his race car.

The exact dollar amount of the deal was not announced, but LGBcoin said Brown is now a "holder" of the currency and his spokesperson confirmed to FOX Business that he is being paid in "both cash and coin."

NASCAR last week rejected Brown's Brandonbilt Motorsports plan to feature an LGBcoin livery during the 2022 season after the team announced that it had been approved.

The meme coin was inspired by the "Let's Go Brandon" saying that has become popular among critics of the Biden administration after an NBC Sports reporter misinterpreted the crowd at Talladega Superspeedway chanting "F--- Joe Biden" during a televised interview with race winner Brown.

Here's the original video that started the waterfall of hilarious Let's Go Brandon gear and chants!!