Rep. Lauren Boebert was fired up on the stage at CPAC, unloading on the Democrats.

Boebert claims that Republicans are called the "party of no" and then goes right into slamming the left side of politics.

Rep. Boebert says "we're saying NO to all of their NO's!"

WATCH this clearly inspiring and brilliant little chat:

I have to admit something. If Lauren Boebert looked like the monster PA Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, then we'd be trashing her all over social media.

If a Democrat said the same things that Boebert just said, just trashing Republicans and really offering nothing of value, then we'd slam them too - just like we do with Joy Reid from MSNBC.

It's clearly working in Lauren Boebert's favor that she is good looking, because I'm not really sure what the point of her speech is other than to trash the Democrats at an overpriced political event.

Make no mistake, trashing Democrats is fine, but couldn't they do that on Twitter like they always do?

Just seems like we're wasting a six-figure salaries on a lot of people who are more like social media "influencers" than serious politicians.

Does anyone else agree that politicians should get OFF social media and start acting like professionals in public?