OAKLAND -- Democrat Mayor Libby Schaaf calls for an investigation of ropes put in trees as a hate crime. She suggests that the intent does not matter. However, it was revealed that a black man put the ropes there and the ropes are being used as swings for the children to play on.

Schaaf also says to start on the "assumption" that the ropes are a symbol of hate crimes.

The man who placed them there went on video and one of the ropes is seen in the back, which appears to have something on the bottom that people can hold on to, or put their feet on, so they can swing on it.

Schaaf was especially criticized for when she said the "intentions do not matter" because there's a big difference between a noose and a rope swing. The difference is literally night and day.

Here is Libby Schaaf calling for the investigation:

Here is the man who put the ropes up and explaining what they are for:

Schaaf talks about fermenting a race war.

I'm pretty sure she's the only one guilty of it when it comes to this situation.

Here's Libby Schaaf facing the jury of social media: