Joe Biden did an interview that got people talking because of a very weird looking shadow on his neck. The interview was on Dec. 5, 2019 interview with CNBC, and Biden-haters couldn't help but make an unproven claim it was a body double wearing a mask.

You have to admit, the shadow is really strange looking, but there was never any evidence to prove that as stated by Reuters and PolitiFact. The only way people could prove there was ever a body double was to find the mask and find the body double and have a video of someone putting the mask on - and so far, that does not exist.

Conspiracy theorists are probably not happy with that result, but the video is still really weird.

WATCH and enjoy, just for fun:

To be fair, it would probably be easier for someone to make a deep fake of Joe Biden before doing a mask. Just saying, we're in modern times and deep fakes are all the rage.

Just look at this deep fake video of Tom Cruise!!