President Joe Biden was making snide comments about Republicans amid his miserable December jobs report. Biden was talking about "Republican obstructionism" while he was hoping to build some interest in his agenda for the economy, but seems like he failed to do so across the country, as the jobs report added less than expected.

Joe Biden claims that Republicans were blocking his ideas and plans to help with recovery, slamming him for poor management, blaming him for inflation and discussing other problems tied to all of it.

A massive amount of people resigned from their jobs in November and many called it the 'Great Resignation' - I believe the number was 4.5 million who quit all in the same month.

Meanwhile, 200,000 jobs were created in December and that number was exponentially lower than expected.

On the other hand, the unemployment rate allegedly dropped to 3.9% and wages went up, but that's not exactly a good thing. The wages going up could be a result of inflation and prices for things going up too. it's like so many things are going up and at some point - things might fall apart. How long can a business continue to pay more for employees and products? How long can a consumer continue paying more for things at the store if they don't get a raise at work?

In my opinion, the economy was way better under Donald Trump.

Biden said at one point, that "Americans are moving up to better jobs with better pay and better benefits... It’s about workers taking a step up to better provide for their families." Except, not everyone is doing that. Some people are stuck on the same job they've had for years and their pay may not go up - but the prices of products and cost of living is going up, leaving many middle class families in a weird spot.

Imagine being a teacher who makes $50k and you can't even afford to buy a house on your own anymore because the real estate market has gone completely upside down and houses that used to be $150k-200k have become $300k homes and we all know for a damn fact they ain't worth that much.

NY Daily News provided more info on Biden's situation and he even took a swing at Trump:

The Democratic president, who faces lackluster poll numbers ahead of this year’s midterm election, framed himself as the defender of working people’s newfound labor market power against a return to Republican policies that benefit the wealthy and big corporations.

“For too long, Republicans have thrown around terms like ‘pro-growth’ and ‘supply-side economics,’” he said. “(They) drive an economic agenda that didn’t provide enough growth and supplied more money to those who were already very well off.”

Biden even took a less-than-veiled shot at former President Trump, noting that even his predecessor’s preferred metric of economic success is up 20% since taking office.

“Look at the stock market, the last guy’s measure of everything,” he said. “It’s hit record after record after record on my watch.”