President Joe Biden, who has low approval ratings, recently gave a speech on voter rights in Atlanta and Stacey Abrams was nowhere to be seen. Biden says it was because of a schedule issue and suggested that he wasn't snubbed by the failed gubernatorial candidate.

When a reporter asked Joe Biden why Abrams wasn't there, suggesting she might have snubbed the president, he snapped back and suggested it was an insulting question. However, criticism by Joe Concha suggest Abrams MAY think Joe Biden is toxic to be around.

WATCH Concha explode on it:

Biden told the reporter, according to the Daily Mail:

He explained: 'I spoke to Stacey this morning. We have a great relationship. We got our scheduling mixed up. I talked to her at length this morning. We're all on the same page, and everything's fine.'

Abrams' campaign said on Monday she would not be at the president's event because of 'conflict' but didn't detail what the conflict was. Several local civil rights activists are boycotting the president's speech because of what they call a lack of action on the part of the administration.

Asked what he risked politically with the speech, given the fight in the Senate over the filibuster, Biden responded: 'I risk not saying what I believe. That’s what I risk. This is one of those defining moments. It really is.'

Joe Biden had more to say about it: "People are going to be judged, where were they before and where were they after the vote. History is going to judge this – it's that consequential. And so the risk is making sure people understand just how important this is."

In my opinion, it smells a little fishy that someone like Stacey Abrams, who lost her election, would not find a way to be at Joe Biden's speech on voter rights of all things.

But we don't know what her schedule is or where she was, so how can we confirm anything other than taking them by their word.

And their word is worth what, exactly?