President Joe Biden was asked if he received a briefing about the border.

He says "uh.... yes I did" and starts walking out with VP Kamala Harris who is (speculation) just waiting to push this guy off the metaphoric cliff to take over his job.

Reporter follows up by asking Biden, "what did you learn?"

And this is where you should just watch the video:

Did that man just say "a lot" as his answer and walk out?

Trump would've turned that simple question into a massive 20 minute tangent about open borders, 900 illegals breaking in, MS-13 and probably talked trash on Chuck Schumer. You know, totally just going off and not giving a quick easy answer.

Biden just says two words that gives absolutely no answer. Not even a preview. Not even a tiny morsel of information. That makes me think Biden has either 1) did not receive the briefing, or 2) did not read it yet, or 3) read it, had no clue what it meant, or possibly forgot it already.

Keep in mind, this is an commentary based BLOG and we talk trash on everyone. Do not mix this site up with NEWS, which is something I can only seem to get on my local stations now.

So what's a guy gotta do to get some answers around here!?

What did Biden learn about the border today? "A LOT!"

How many slices of pizza do I want for dinner tonight? "A LOT!"

How many times did Kamala Harris..... oh I'm not saying that one. Nope. Not getting me this time! You can use your imagination.

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