President Joe Biden said he planned to be in Texas in the middle of next week, but does not want to be a burden. He suggests that a president arriving in any city might put a burden for the people on the ground and does not want to add to the stress that Texans are already going through.

"When the president lands in any city in America, it has a long tail, and they're working like the devil to take care of their folks"

WATCH Biden's full answer:

CBS News with more information on Texas crisis:

The number of people in Texas without running, drinkable water dwarfed the number of homes and businesses without power Friday morning as the state continued to struggle to recover from the storm that paralyzed it with a blanket of snow, ice and frigid temperatures.

Millions were under boil water notices, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality said. And while Texas' grid operators said the system was back to normal Friday morning, tens of thousands of utility customers were still suffering from outages, according to, down from a peak of some 4 million.

In many homes, taps were dry. Finding bottled water was nearly impossible. Some people resorted to boiling snow. Houston, the nation's fourth largest city, opened 11 sites Thursday to help give away water.

At least 44 deaths were attributed to the storm across the South, 27 of them in Texas.

The winter weather also created a political storm. Texas Senator Ted Cruz was severely criticized for flying to Cancun with his family this week while his constituents suffered in record-low temperatures.

Whenever there's a big weather tragedy or crisis, the presidents are known to make a visit and see how they can help. Texas has millions out of power due to a winter storm, but Biden hasn't been there yet. He suggests they might go in the middle of next week, but they will make the announcement later next week.

It seems like they might be undecided on when or if President Biden will visit Texas based on how much of a burden they might create.

So..... are they going or what?