President Joe Biden is asked about student debt forgiveness and raising the suggested $10k to $50k. The person asks Biden how or if he will make that happen. Biden simply says, "I will not make that happen."

The president then goes into some other details, such as suggesting that community college be free to attend.

WATCH Biden get all his student loan forgiveness fans absolutely bent:

If there's one thing we learned from this, it's that fiscal conservative might have just agreed with Biden on something. Meanwhile, a lot of Joe Biden voters who are plagued by student debt might be really annoyed at him and wondering, "why did I vote for him at all!"

And like usual, there's always a group of people who might say, "well, don't take a stupid jobless major for $100k and maybe you won't be making sandwiches at the cheese factory your whole life!"

What stupid majors are we talking about? I don't know, maybe journalism?