President Joe Biden takes another tumble as he has a verbal gaffe during a recent video. It appears that he's staring blankly towards a teleprompter and struggles to read it, saying the word "millstones" instead of "milestones."

WATCH President Joe Biden gaffe video:

Biden has a history of gaffes and people have written articles on it dating back years ago when he was vice president.

At least one opinion column from the Chicago Tribune, dated in 2014, discussed a "Gaffetastic" day where Biden made three big flubs in 24-hours. The column had this to say:
In a Tuesday speech, he made unfortunate news by referring to unscrupulous lenders of bad loans to military service members as "Shylocks." That term, derived from a Jewish character in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice," has long been viewed as an ethnic slur.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me... but wait, there's more!

The next day in Des Moines, only hours after apologizing for the Shylock remark, he referred to Asia as "the Orient." Among others, Ninio Fetalvo, the Republican National Committee Asian-American and Pacific Islander spokesman, denounced that usage as "offensive to both Asian-Americans and our Asian allies abroad" for its "disrespectful" and "unacceptable imperialist undertones."

Even back in 2014 when we weren't handing out as many participation awards and people weren't as offended as they are now, didn't Joe Biden not realize what he was saying?

Later that day, as reports of his two-in-one-day gaffe fest streamed out, he made a third. Answering a reporter's question, he raised the possibility that the United States might commit ground troops, also called "boots on the ground," and not just airstrikes to fight the Islamic State in Iraq. "We'll determine that," he told a reporter, "based on how the effort goes."

With that, he rhetorically opened a door of military possibilities that the Obama administration has tried mightily to keep shut.

Yet major TV newscasts ignored these controversial eruptions, according to conservative media watchdogs. The conservative NewsBusters site quoted commentators on liberal-leaning MSNBC who seemed to excuse Biden's gaffes as sounding "real" and "authentic," raising charges of a double standard by the usual suspects in the allegedly liberal mainstream media.

"Why didn't the media dismiss (former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah) Palin's faux pas as just part of her 'being real'?" one viewer commented.

That's actually a good question. It should always go both ways instead of one way or the other.

That's one of the big problems with our media. They're so left or right these days because they're hungry for ratings and they're putting out opinion-based talk shows.

That's fine, but at least be fair and balanced.

We're somewhat the same thing - a sorta-biased blog that talks about the news, but at least I'm straight up and honest in my opinions and we criticize everyone equally for their flub moments.

Meanwhile, Biden really does have a gaffe problem and he's had it for longer than some may realize.

At this point, it's just comedy and I'm all about the laughs anymore, even if it's the president.

Although... Is anyone laughing at this video?