President Joe Biden is on video claiming that the latest surge of migrants had started with the previous administration, referring to former President Donald Trump and his White House.

WATCH Biden make the claim:

Meanwhile, migrants had been photographed wearing shirts that said, "Biden, please let us in." Those critical of President Biden are using this photo to criticize his administration, and rightfully so.


Mayorkas made a similar claim and Biden referenced it too. As stated in Forbes:

Experts have highlighted that a myriad of factors contribute to migration flows, making it difficult to immediately attribute surges to Biden’s policies. “The push factors are at the highest they’ve been in quite some time,” Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, the policy counsel for the American Immigration Council, a group that advocates for immigrants, told The New York Times, citing heightened instability in Central America due to Covid-19 and devastating hurricanes.

The number of migrants apprehended at the southwestern border is on track to reach a two-decade high. The Biden administration is scrambling to handle roughly 14,000 migrants now in federal custody, thousands of whom have been kept in border protection custody over the legal limit of three days. Republicans have been quick to seize on the situation and brand it as the first “crisis” of the Biden administration, despite staying silent about some of the Trump administration’s more controversial policies.

However, what's the reason that some facilities have more than the expected occupancy and/or bad conditions?

Where are the parents of the kids arriving at the border?