President Joe Biden just finished a briefing, saying "thanks for your time" and he starts heading out as some lady is shooing people away, like they're kids lining up after recess.

It was Peter Doocy from Fox News who threw in a last second question, asking about the alleged promise of $2,000 stimulus checks going "out the door" if the Democrats flipped the senate.

Some high-pitched woman just kept talking, "come on, Peter, thank you." She sounds like the annoying lady bringing all the students in at recess, ruining everyone's day.

Did Doocy get an answer?

WATCH and see!

Annnnnnd that's a no.

So did President Joe Biden ever really promise $2k? Well, sort of yes and sort of no. Many received that pathetic $600 check, and if they get another $1,400, then that's $2,000.

You know, the government clearly can't afford to send struggling Americans an extra $600 to give us a complete check for $2k, not with all that alleged foreign aid and money for pet projects being needed (sarcasm).

Here's a few news sources that discussed the possibility of a $2k stimulus check a while back. Take it all in as you wish. There's context we need to have. And remember, the government probably doesn't care what you think.

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