I feel like we’re watching Grand Theft Auto 5 in real life after seeing this video.

It was Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports doing one of his pizza reviews in Chicago and he just happened to catch a CARJACKING on live video.

Portnoy was in the middle of stuffing his face with the pizza, talking about it, giving it the rundown and rating, when they noticed something funny going on in the background. Maybe it wasn’t funny to the person who’s car got stolen, but no one suspected this to happen right in front of cameras.

Then again, it’s Chicago and carjacking people IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY is just how Chicago rolls! Meanwhile, some other guy shows up talking about a McDonald’s chicken sandwich and almost hijacks the whole pizza review carjacking thing. The nerve of that guy!


Why yes, yes he did. You can’t make this stuff up, folks!


Chicago Police later shared Dave’s video and wrote, “On March 10, a 27-year-old male victim observed his vehicle on the street with an unknown male offender inside. The victim then flagged down officers nearby in a marked CPD squad car. The offender then accelerated & struck the rear of the squad car before fleeing west on Polk. No injuries were reported.@Area3Detectives are investigating. This incident is not a vehicular hijacking and is classified as a motor vehicle theft. Anyone with additional info can contact Area 3 Detectives or submit an anonymous tip to http://CPDtip.com”