Axios posted an article detailing President Joe Biden's epic failures in his first year as president.

I've taken a look and provided commentary about this, but many of you probably feel the same way I do about Joe Biden - that he's really just a useless puppet for the DNC and people who voted for him owe the rest of America an apology.

Here's what Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei of Axios reported, followed by commentary:

In the two months since signing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law, President Biden has by almost every measure bombed big time on the things that matter most.


The big picture: Biden, who marks one year in office next Thursday, has never been less popular nationally, after personally lobbying his party and the public on Build Back Better and voting rights — and failing.

-- Yep, building back NOTHING is more like it. We will be building back our bank accounts after this disastrous inflation takes a toll on us.

Baffling COVID messaging caused former Biden advisers to stage a media intervention, going public with a call for a less reactive strategy.

-- Democrats don't know how to talk to people. Tyrant mandates aren't going to convince some people. Getting the Democrats and Republicans together to provide a nice message in a state of unity as in "let's do this together" could work. But the sense of a mandate is completely against our desire for freedom.

Why it matters: Biden is on the verge of losing two big fights of his choosing — with his party controlling both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's rare for a president to be at odds with Republicans, moderate Democrats and liberal Democrats — all at once. But that's where Biden finds himself at the start of an election year that many Democrats believe will result in the loss of the House and maybe the Senate.

-- Maybe because Joe Biden was one of the dumbest people you can pick for president. He's a nice guy, but he's not presidential material. Kamala Harris could be the most useless politician we've seen in our lifetime. A completely talentless hack who's known for cackling and supporting bad people like Marilyn Mosby.

The latest: Yesterday was the third time in 3½ months Biden made an in-person trip to the Hill — and the third time he walked away having failed to persuade his party to back his plans.

Biden can't be faulted for having a 50-50 Senate and an unmovable Democratic centrist in Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). But he knew the daunting numbers game full well as he went into these fights.

-- Because Joe Biden's plans SUCK.

Biden aides point out he passed bigger legislation than any president in history, with a signing ceremony for infrastructure just two months ago.

As America reopened, the U.S. broke records for the number of jobs created in a year, and for reduction in the unemployment rate.

-- I don't think anyone believes this. Many people were on unemployment and I don't think people going back to the workforce should count as "new jobs" - these are people who were just taking the extra unemployment benefit and once that ended, they said "OK, back to work now!" It's not like people were all at work like usual and Biden's economy created NEW jobs on top of that. So no, we don't believe this crap for one second.

Biden sources sketch this plan for coming weeks:
  • White House officials hope for progress soon on a reworked version of Build Back Better, based on Sen. Joe Manchin’s public statements.
  • Biden soon will send the Hill a COVID supplemental budget request to buy more boosters, antiviral pills, masks and tests.
  • Third, aides say Biden will keep pushing for voting-rights legislation. Even as he conceded likely defeat for now, Biden said on the Hill yesterday: "Like every other major civil rights bill that came along ... we can come back and try it a second time."
-- Maybe the government needs to stop lumping a ton of lousy proposals together in a giant spending bill. It might take longer, but vote on individual bills so we can stop WASTING MONEY on crap that no one wants or needs except for politicians who are probably getting backdoor handshakes on something to pad their pockets.

The Axios report continues...
  • Rising anger among Black activists: Members of some civil-rights group refused to appear with Biden for his voting speech in Atlanta. New York Times columnist Charles Blow piled on: "Biden has been dillydallying on getting rid of the filibuster to protect voting rights for essentially his whole administration, until this week."
-- Stacey Abrams wasn't there. Her, of all people, who lost an election, was not there to support Joe Biden's voting rights speech??? Reports say it was a schedule conflict, but we're calling BS on that. If the president is in your state/town and talking about voting rights, and you LOST an election - then you cancel whatever is on your schedule and you go be seen with the president. Of course, unless you also hate him like a lot of us do.
  • Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, distanced himself from some of Biden's rhetoric in Atlanta, where he invoked the Confederacy and Bull Connor. "Perhaps the President went a little too far," Durbin told CNN.
-- hahahahaha even the democrats are hating on Joe Biden!!
  • Most polls put Biden around 42-43% approval, with over 50% disapproval. In a Quinnipiac poll this week, Biden had a 33% approval. The White House calls that an "outlier."
-- The White House is a joke right now. Americans are mocking it and we would have been better with Donald Trump for another four years.
  • The Supreme Court yesterday blocked Biden's vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers.
-- because the govt needs to stay the f-ck out of our health and medical decisions.
  • The Afghanistan pullout played out about as poorly as it could have.
-- yep, completely bass ackwards and made no logical sense, also lost multiple lives because of how poorly it was conducted.
  • Russia is messing with him: Biden's warnings haven't deterred Vladimir Putin from continuing to build toward a Ukraine invasion.
-- no one is scared of Joe Biden. People are probably laughing at him. It's so sad that Jill Biden doesn't pull him out of the White House so they can go retire in Delaware at the beach.
  • Inflation is soaring: It's the worst in 39 years.
-- my wallet agrees with this.
  • Empty grocery shelves get network-news coverage. It's partly the weather, partly COVID, partly the supply chain — but makes a handy visual shorthand for national pessimism.
-- pessimism is putting it lightly.