PHILADELPHIA - Armed residents are on video protecting the Christopher Columbus statue in South Philly from being knocked down or vandalized by protesters and activists expressing distaste during a time of social unrest.

The incident was caught on video by Unicorn Riot, accompanied by this caption, "racist vigilantes gathering with bats and guns at the statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Square in South Philadelphia, some of them just assaulted our reporter."

As the reporter asked the Philly residents more questions, things turned a bit hostile.

The people protecting the statue had issued a few threats to the reporter and one even took the reporter's bicycle.

In hopes to squash the situation, the police asked the reporter to leave the scene so that it did not escalate any further.

Several videos of the incident in South Philly were posted.

Not sure it's correct to call them racist or vigilantes. Perhaps they are more of an armed town watch.

Also, not that it matters, but Philadelphia has the best cheese steaks and no one else can even compare.