Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started getting a lot of attention on Twitter when a recent interview video was posted. In that video, they were talking about race and she said, "Latinos are black."

Her comment didn't stop there, but that specific part of her conversation took off on Twitter. There was more context to her statement. She said Latinos are "Afro-Latino" and that there's an "we run an entire racial spectrum" which adds the context to her statement in general.

Here's the video where AOC says "Latinos are black." Tom said, "@AOC: “Latinos are black … We have to have conversations around ‘colorism,’ and we have to have conversations around the African and indigenous roots from which we come and how that’s reflected in systems of power.”

Here's the context explained, although that does not negate the fact her quote was (insert your opinion here). Yashar said, "1. Text below leaves out a key part of what @AOC said...she says "Latinos are black...we're Afro-Latina...we run an entire racial spectrum." She's talking about a broad community and people saying that she's saying all Latinos are black...come on."

Despite AOC's comment about "Latinos are black" sounding ridiculous, which it was, there's actually some depth to it that many of us might have missed or never knew about.

"Afro-Latin American or Black Latin American, refers to Latin Americans of significant or mainly African ancestry. The term may also refer to historical or cultural elements in Latin America thought to have emanated from this community." (Wikipedia)

Except, there's a lot of people talking about it - some calling her out on using it incorrectly, etc...

And the funniest tweet of all...