The hypocrites shout the loudest and sometimes might forget what they say.

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once suggested that Miami would no longer exist if the Green New Deal wasn't passed. That was back in 2019.

AOC said, specifically, that: "what is not realistic is not responding with a solution on the scale of the crisis — because what's not realistic is Miami not existing in a few years."

Fast forward to this week and here she was reportedly spotted in Miami at Doraku Sushi and Izakaya in Miami, eating outside, no mask on, and all while her state of New York shatters a Covid record.

NBC New York stated: "New York smashed its single-day COVID case record for the second straight day Thursday, reporting at least 74,207 new positives as the omicron surge stretches hospitals further, according to the latest update from the governor's update."

Remember when Ted Cruz caught heat for heading to Cancun? Will Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get the same treatment from her constituents and Democratic Party?

She's in another place while her city/state needs help, so Democrats need to point fingers at their own for once.