Does anyone in Hollywood ever look in the mirror after saying something like this?

Hollywood’s John Cusack was at a Bernie Sanders presidential campaign event when he was quoted saying that “the planet is faltering in face of relentless corporate plunder…” despite his net worth being a reported $50 million.

It would appear that many people worth that many millions have taken advantage of corporate plunder, one way or another.

Tom Elliott posted the video on Twitter, with the caption “Actor@johncusack at Bernie Sanders rally in Exeter, N.H.: “The planet is faltering in face of relentless corporate plunder … And, sadly, violencem, and fascism and poverty is [sic] spreading around the globe”

John Cusack previously called for a boycott of MSNBC after one commentator suggested that Bernie Sanders was more dangerous than Donald Trump.

Daily Mail reported:

John Cusack has called for a boycott of MSNBC over its coverage of Bernie Sanders, saying the network is ‘smearing a people’s movement’ with a socialist agenda.

The Illinois-born actor, 53, was angered by MSNBC’s coverage of the 2020 candidate and tweeted a montage of guests and presenters criticizing the New-York born Senator.

The two-minute video posted by Cusack showed several MSNBC personalities and guests criticizing Sanders’ policies with one comparing his supporters to Donald Trump voters.

Some of the network’s biggest names, including Chris Matthews, Stephanie Ruhle and Donny Deutsch are featured in the clip. One said that they didn’t feel he was ‘pro-woman’ in terms of his political agenda.

Bernie Sanders also has an ongoing issue with Elizabeth Warren. She recently called him out after a debate, suggesting that he called her a liar on national television.