CHICAGO -- protesters were seen on camera throwing bottles and launching fireworks at police officers who were working during the protest of a Christopher Columbus statue.

Numerous videos were captured showing the clash. At least one police officer/supervisor was hit in the face by a flying object and knocked to the ground. Several arrests were made. The SWAT team eventually showed up. The statue is still there, although people had tied a rope to it and tried to pull it down.

At least one "alderman" from Chicago defended the protesters actions, suggesting it was the police who brought the violence, but he forgot to mention the videos showing where all the violence started brewing, which is when officers who were standing there got pelted with objects.

He said, " Chicagoans have been calling for the removal of Columbus statues for years. The responsible thing to do would have been to mothball the statue, as the city has done with many statues over they years" and "Black and Indigenous Chicagoans and people from all across the city came together to do what our so-called progressive mayor refused and failed to do. They were met with violence and abuse. It's shameful and disgusting."

This is all over a statue of Christopher Columbus.

Here's video footage from the event: