Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer just got handed a loss by Supreme Court as it was ruled that a barber can operate his business during the lockdown status in Michigan.

Karl Manke must be happy as the 77-year-old barber learned that the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of his right to work. "The decision overturned a previous ruling made by the state’s appeals court with one justice clarifying such judgments must be made “according to the rule of law” and "not hysteria" per OAN.

The judgement/announcement was also posted on Twitter:

But this wasn't an easy victory. Manke previously had trouble with the lower court who revoked his license with no hearing and no notice - just out of the blue. It appears that he took this to the court of appeals and that's where he was landed his victory and given the permission to go back to work.

Manke stated, "the court of appeals acted more like a bully playground character…acting above following the rules and not giving an individual citizen like myself, or you, your citizen rights to due legal process."

And now, the 77-year-old who wishes to still work, can go back to work!

It remains unclear if Gov. Whitmer will respond verbally, or even legally in the matter.