George Floyd is a household name after losing his life to a police officer who casually detained him with a knee on the neck and now faces murder charges.

It sparked massive amounts of protests across America and even in other countries.

Most of the time it was peaceful protest and many of those in attendance would constantly call out the people who were there to cause damage and looting - and in some cases, even commit acts of physical violence against each other. Many of the looters didn't even wait until the sun went down

Here are 15 times that the peaceful protests took a majorly wrong turn towards violence.

1. retired police captain shot killed when trying to protect a business.

2. an insane rioter sets a policeman on fire right in front of the camera.

3. liberal woman with a mohawk makes every protester look bad by screaming at the top of her lungs over a Trump shirt.

4. big fight breaks out, total chaos.

5. an egotistical cyclist goes into a fit of anger, assaults teenagers over George Floyd signs.

6. truck tries to escape the protest, ends up rolling over one or two people in reverse.
Truck tries to escape, rolls over protester in reverse

7. looters burn down a homeless man's bed
Texas Rioters burn homeless man's belongings during protest

8. reporters are assaulted on live television
Reporter accosted on live TV during Floyd protests

9. teens throwing items at cars passing by, one driver finally stops and gets out with a weapon.
People allegedly throwing objects need the police after driver chases them down

10. Dallas is pretty much destroyed and chaos is everywhere.
Dallas endures mass chaos and destruction amid protests

11. pepper spray and flash bangs, oh my!
Seattle protesters clash with police, pepper spray and flash bangs involved

12. someone had audacity to steal a forklift and drive it into a Best Buy.
Protesters steal a forklift and drive it THROUGH doors of Best Buy

13. California residents fight the potential looters.
Yucaipa residents force Antifa off the block amid scuffle

14. Looter gets shot trying to rob a GUN STORE.
Looter shot during attempted robbery of South Philly gun store; report

15. Driver involved in a fight ends up running people over.
Driver involved in fight runs people over more than once