The House of Representatives voted 230-199 to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of her committee assignments. The controversial representative will no longer serve on the House Education or Budget committees. 11 Republicans joined Democrats to vote against her, despite Kevin McCarthy being against a punishment for her beliefs.

CBS News reported that "The House voted Thursday to strip controversial Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments. All Democrats and 11 Republicans voted for the measure, despite Republican leader Kevin McCarthy's opposition to it."


The 11 Republicans who voted to remove Rep. Greene are as follows, provided by CNN:
  • Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
  • Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
  • John Katko of New York
  • Fred Upton of Michigan
  • Nicole Malliotakis of New York
  • Carlos Gimenez of Florida
  • Chris Jacobs of New York
  • Young Kim of California
  • Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida
  • Chris Smith of New Jersey
  • Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida
The embattled Greene continued to push false claims that Trump won the 2020 election and she's already been connected to QAnon conspiracy theories, something she has allegedly apologized for, but that doesn't seem to matter considering the vote was overwhelmingly against her by 31 votes.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he wouldn't remove Greene from her assignments, but that is clearly no longer the case after today's vote. McCarthy said the following about Greene, as reported on Daily Caller:

“Past comments from and endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene on school shootings, political violence, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories do not represent the values or beliefs of the House Republican Conference. I condemn those comments unequivocally. I condemned them in the past. I continue to condemn them today. This House condemned QAnon last Congress and continues to do so today,” McCarthy said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon.

Mitch McConnell also criticized Rep. Greene, suggesting that she is "not living in reality."

McConnell said, "somebody who’s suggested that perhaps no airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were pre-staged, and that the Clintons crashed JFK Jr.’s airplane is not living in reality... This has nothing to do with the challenges facing American families or the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party.”