A woman is in line at Dunkin’ and she is being refused her service. The store has a mask policy and she refuses to abide by it.

What happens next is she throws a huge fit, causing a scene, and making everyone behind her wait for their coffee.

If there’s one thing you know in America, it’s that you do NOT get in the way of our morning brew.

Perhaps she is starved for attention, but considering it’s a business and they can set the rules they feel are best, it’s the consumers job to either follow those rules or get coffee somewhere else.

Some rules may be silly, some we may not agree with, but the people who are always in the wrong are those who purposely walk into a store to violate the rules set by the private business and then want to cause a scene about it.

There appears to be a younger person working behind the counter who is simply following the rules set by their manager or company, so if they’re caught not following those guidelines, then they risk being fired.

Is it worth it to keep Dunkin’ Karen happy? See for yourself:

WATCH the video: