by Frank

September 3, 2021

Alyssa Milano posted a video about a weird Texas law that she claims exists, and it’s something I couldn’t put in the title without freaking people out or getting myself shadow-banned.

Milano, who’s known as a total leftist who constantly makes wacky videos like this, said there’s a law in Texas that prevents you from owning too many dildos, but people can have as many guns as they want.

Maybe she’s exhausted from spending all night with her…. oh nevermind. That was too easy.

BUT hold on a minute!  Stop right there. I am going to Google this right now, because this is just way over the top of my head and I’m also laughing out loud, because I can’t tell if she’s making this up or it’s actually true.

Welp, there it is. This even got fact checked. She was actually mostly right. There IS a law that sorta like this and Politifact says it’s MOSTLY TRUE.



It was listed as mostly true because the law specifically refers to “obscene devices” so I guess that is whatever you wanna make it out to be. In Milano’s case, if she has even one of them, that’s obscene to me!

Also, to those of you who live in Texas and have more than 6 of these, you can sleep safely tonight because the law was found to be unconstitutional, despite remaining in place.

For our part, we suspected that Jost was referring to a state law restricting “obscene devices” that remains in place despite being found unconstitutional by a federal appeals court nearly a decade ago. We recently looked into the law, which dates to the 1970s, in finding Mostly False a claim that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the former Texas solicitor general, once supported a ban on sex toys. Cruz’s defense of the law, we concluded, came as part of his duties as the state’s top appellate lawyer at the time.

Section 43.23 of the Texas penal code does not specify dildos. It states: “A person commits an offense if, knowing its content and character, he wholesale promotes or possesses with intent to wholesale promote any obscene material or obscene device.” Another provision specifies: “A person who possesses six or more obscene devices or identical or similar obscene articles is presumed to possess them with intent to promote the same,” the implication being that the person would violate the restriction on promoting such devices.

Here’s her weird video where she’s talking about it. And please don’t play this out loud on a subway or something, or people will probably look at you funny, the same way you’ll be looking at Alyssa Milano in her weird video.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

So anyway, good luck to those people out there in Texas who go shopping late at night after a few glasses of wine and forget they ordered 17 of these.

Makes you wonder what’s in Alyssa Milano’s nightstand – and that thought alone makes me want to vomit!! YUCK!




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