by Frank

August 12, 2020

Oh no! An Air Force helicopter was shot at and forced to make an emergency landing when a member of the crew got shot. This happened right near Washington, D.C. and now the FBI is jumping into action to figure out who’s taking shots a the Air Force while they’re in mid flight.

The story is just coming to light, but the shooting happened on Monday and involved a UH-1N Huey helicopter. It was doing a training mission in Virginia about 1,000 off the ground.

US News stated that “the Air Force did not disclose additional details, including whether the crew were able to identify rounds of gunfire or where the shots came from on the ground.

The helicopter involved in the incident was assigned to the 1st Helicopter Squadron, which has approximately 120 aircrew members, 22 helicopters and provides airlift for senior U.S. officials and dignitaries. It also assists with emergency medical evacuation, according to the Air Force.”

Further details on the FBI investigation are not available. No clue who the shooter is yet, or what the motive might be, or anything really. At the time this was posted, we don’t have many details at all.

Keep your eyes open for the further information as it’s revealed by authorities.





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