by Frank

September 6, 2021

An Afghan refugee rescued from the Taliban in Afghanistan, and brought to America to settle in Texas and restart his life, is complaining that it’s not as good as he expected.

While conditions may not be perfect and his food might not be personally cooked by Guy Fieri, at least the refugee is here in America where he can continue his life doing just about anything he wants and not being persecuted, hunted, or murdered by the Taliban.

America doesn’t do everything perfect, but we lost 13 United States service workers during this evacuation from Afghanistan and the least the man can do is be thankful he got out of there alive.

It just goes to show that no matter what you do for people, for some of them it will never be enough.




Now here’s a few solutions for the fella who clearly is not that thrilled to be here.

1) Go back to Afghanistan and see how life is under the new Taliban leadership.

2) Shut up and be thankful you’re safe in America and can go about your new life.

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3) Say thanks for the free plane ride that got you here.

It just boggles my mind that someone who got a plane ride, place to stay, free food no matter how good or bad it is, and out of harms way from the Taliban is over in America complaining about the food.

Bro, just wait until you get out of the refugee settlement area and start your new life and see how good the real American food really is.

Doing all this complaining instead of being thankful you’ve got a second chance at a brand new life.

Priorities here are skewed, my dude.

If someone rescued me from a bad situation, I’d be thankful forever.

I wish this guy would see how it’s going now compared to how it could have been if he stayed in Afghanistan where things are not looking so good.

As long as this guy doesn’t end up somewhere like Chicago, then he’ll be fine.

But he better stop complaining because it’s absolutely ungrateful to ALL AMERICANS footing the bill for this guy to survive.




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